Description of Drill Rod:
The drill rod, also called drill string and drill pipe, is a kind of machine whose end has steel pipe with threads, and is typically used to connect drilling rig surface equipment with drill grinding equipment or bottom hole unit at the drilling bottom.
As for applications, it is mainly used to deliver the drilling mud to the drilling bit, and together with the drilling bit, it can lift, lower and rotate the bottom hole unit. It is repetitively used in the process of oil and gas extraction and refining. It is capable of bearing enormous external and internal pressure, twisting, bending and vibrating.

The main components of drill rod (drill string or drill stem) include drill bit, drill collar, drill pipe, stabilizers, special connector, and kelly bar. And the drill string is mainly used in removing drill bits, imposing drill pressure, transmitting power, transporting drilling fluid, and some other special operations, like squeezing cement, handling downhole accidents, etc.

The drill stem is especially suitable for use in oil and gas exploration and development process of deep wells, horizontal wells and extended reach wells.

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